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Subject: Immunisation
Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland 2008 EDITION – Online only update August 2010 Click here to download PDF 1.73MB
This document replaces the publication entitled Segregation Packaging and Storage Guidelines for Healthcare Risk Waste – 3rd edition, published in 2004. Click here to download PDF 351KB Healthcare Waste Packaging Guidelines 2010 Click here to download PDF 420KB  
Guidance for those selling Tobacco Products PDF 417kb Prescribed Signage PDF 714kb
Food and Nutritional Care in Hospitals. Guidelines for Preventing Under-Nutrition in Acute Hospitals Click here to download PDF 1.3mb
Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland (2008) This revised report on immunisation guidelines for Ireland has been prepared with the assistance of an active Committee from associated disciplines in Paediatrics, Infectious Diseases, General Practice, Public Health, Microbiology, Occupational Health,...
The National Guidelines on Physical Activity for Ireland Click here to download PDF 3.1mb Consumer Leaflet PDF 932kb Fact Sheet for Adults PDF 667kb Fact Sheet for Parents and Guardians PDF 574kb Foldout Executive Summary PDF 699kb
Subject: diabetes
The National Diabetes Working Group has made a number of policy guidance recommendations. These relate to the model of care for people with diabetes as well as recommendations for how services prevent and manage diabetes in the population. Read the Report (PDF, 240kb)