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Author: L.J. Hammond
This project is a 6 x weekly food and activity programme using the local sports centre as a venue. Overweight/obese children, together with a parent / carer and sibling were recruited. A lifestyle pre-course assessment was made with each child, resulting in 5 individual goals. Evaluation was...
Primary school teachers will find materials, advice and suggestions here to help them give pupils aged 7 to 11 (Key Stage 2 or P7 in Scotland) greater opportunities both to learn about and have access to fruit and vegetable choices. There are also details of how these materials fit with the school...
Subject: Heart disease
The Myocardial Infarction Audit Project (MINAP) began in late 1998 when a broadly based steering group developed a dataset for acute myocardial infarction (AMI). This allowed clinicians to examine the management of myocardial infarction within their hospitals against targets specified by the...
This tool is designed to support Primary Care Trusts with their Local Delivery Planning and commissioning
The Spearhead Intervention Tool has been commissioned by the Department of Health through the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO). This version of the tool has been updated with latest data for 2005-07. The tool is designed to assist commissioners in Spearhead Primary Care Trusts (...
Subject: Life expectancy
The Health Inequalities Intervention Tool, developed by APHO, highlights the key issues that Spearhead local authorities (with their PCTs) need to address to meet the Government۪s life expectancy targets. It can be used by any Spearhead Primary Care Trust or local council to find out what the...
Author: NHS Direct
NHS Direct operates a 24-hour nurse advice and health information service, providing confidential information on: What to do if you or your family are feeling ill; Particular health conditions; Local healthcare services, such as doctors, dentists or late night opening pharmacies. Self help and...
Author: Megapoles
Megapoles is a network of 15 European capital cities established in recognition that these cities face similar public health challenges. The aim of the network is to improve health and reduce health inequalities through information exchange, comparison and co-operation between capital...
Author: Pacesetters
Subject: Health inequity
Pacesetters is a partnership between local communities who experience health inequalities, the NHS and the Department of Health (DH). The Equality and Human Rights Group (EHRG) of DH is working with six strategic health authorities (SHAs) on the programme.
Publisher: CARDI
JRF has recently embarked on a major new programme: 'A Better Life', the central question of which is: 'How can we ensure a better life and better choices for older people who need high levels of support?' JRF now want to commission a project to work with older people with high support needs (...